Are you looking for something unique? Trying to complete a collection of
something? We can help you locate your needed items! We are constantly
finding items that people are trying to sell. If we know that you are looking
for a certain something, you will be our first call!

We can also help Sell Your Stuff!  Have a house, garage, yard, or office full of
stuff that's not doing you any good anymore? Does it actually feel like the
stuff is taking more energy to keep around than it's worth? Anything you
haven't used in more than a year usually isn't something you need. Most
people keep stuff around because of two reasons:

1. I might use it someday in the future
2. It reminds me of something in the past

Both of these reasons are keeping you from living in the
present! Or maybe
you just feel like you could use some money more than you can use the stuff
you've got. People are simplifying and downsizing a lot these days and
feeling more fulfilled in the process. So, when you're ready, call us up! We
are also great at finding homes for hard to place items. We have connections
with museums and collectors that are looking to buy your items!
Pictures of many items available on our Facebook Page!
You do NOT need a Facebook account to browse our
There are many services available. From the most basic (help taking pictures and
posting online) to the most helpful and every option in-between so we can tailor
make a plan for you. Here's what we offer:

* picking the stuff up (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara Counties)
* storing it
* researching items to determine price
* cleaning and/or fixing the item to make it salable
* taking pictures
* posting online (Craigslist, Ebay, message boards, blogs)
* contacting parties that might be interested
* managing and tracking phone calls and email responses
* setting the appointments
* showing the items
* negotiating price and selling
* packing and mailing items if needed

We'll inventory your items on a spreadsheet and monitor all activity on it plus be
in contact with you as much or as little as you desire. We are experienced with
both Craigslist and Ebay, have accounts with both and understand the
transaction fees as well as shipping costs. Call us today for a free quote-

We charge a percent of your sales (from 10%-25% -less than half the 50%
most consignment stores charge) so we don't make money until you make
We Make The Sale!