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Toys, Products, and Ideas
for Sensory Education
As a stay at home/work at home mom, I am constantly dragging my kids along to the bank, the DMV, the
post office, dressing rooms in the mall, out to lunch and where-ever else I need to go during my everyday
activities.  While some places are savvy enough to include kid's areas with toys and books to keep them
occupied, most still do not.  My kids (ages 5 and 7) are very active,
sensory seeking explorers.  They
generally are not the quiet, sit in my seat and be "seen and not heard" type.  After years of frustration, I've
finally found a way to keep them calm and quiet when they need to be so we can all have a good time.

I call it their
Quiet Kit.  It is full of fun, entertaining, sensory stimulating, but QUIET toys.  I have not
included any noise making toys nor have I included anything that requires your participation.  This is
meant to be something they can amuse themselves with and is generally for ages 4-10.  It is not
recommended for children under 3 because of small parts.  See our Toddler Quiet Kit below.

It includes (shown in detail below):

It's all packed away inside a junior size backpack so they can be in charge of their own Quiet Kit.
$49.00 + shipping.  
An optional inflatable 14" Balance Disc for "staying in your seat" is added for $20!
I would suggest using 2-3 items at a time and rotating them so there's always something "new".  Other oral
sensory items would include something crunchy (crackers), sour (hard candy) or a cold bottled water or
juice and these items can also be added.  And I make sure to include plenty of LOUD time at the park,
beach, or in our own backyard before or after when they can have fun, move around, and be kids!

I am always finding new stuff so each of these tools/toys is also available to purchase separately.  You can
add to your kit,  buy for a sibling, or buy individually!  .

Shipping Charges

Toddler Quiet Kit-It sounds comical to put the words toddler and quiet together, but if you can try to
be realistic about the amount of time you expect your toddler to stay occupied, this can really be a great
experience for everyone!  As I stated above, you might want to use 2-3 items at a time and rotate them so
there's always something "new".  Snacks, favorite loveys, or other sensory toys from home can of course be
added to the bag as well.  

It includes (shown in detail below):

Packed in the same adorable Junior size backpack so they can take charge of their own Quiet Kit.   
An optional Melissa and Doug Spill and Fill Picnic Basket is added for $20!


Quiet Kit
Quiet Kit-$49.00
Quiet Kit with Balance Disc-$69.00
Optional Melissa and Doug Spill and Fill Picnic Basket!
Four colorful picnic treats in a flip-top basket, including five-piece,
take-apart sandwich! These new multi-textured toys rattle, jingle, squeak
and crinkle in little hands, and are made with ultra-soft materials! These
clever activity toys help develop fine motor skills and hand/eye
coordination, plus stimulate tactile senses in delightful ways! Multi-piece
sets are self-storing and great for travel. By Melissa and Doug

Spill and Fill Picnic Basket-$24.99
Inspire your child with bright designs and
engaging patterns to help develop textures
that will grab your toddler's attention and
stimulate his senses.  By Playskool

Textured Ball-$3.99
Roll out those barrels! The Fun
pull apart, then snap them back
together. A nest-n-stack
building toy. For ages 1and up.

Building Barrels-$7.99
Alex Little Hands My Layered Lacing Set is a
familiar lacing activity that presents new spatial
fish and bowl, sock and shoe, bug and leaf, and
pizza and toppings. Great for fine motor skills,
spatial perception, and puzzle solving skills.  
Your kit will come with one of these "sets".

Layered Lacing Set-$4.99
Sounds Pal from The First Years!  Soft and
cuddly with crinkle limbs to encourage
sensory exploration. Squeeze their special
tummy spots and each animal makes its own
sound. Voted a Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational

Animal Sounds Pal-$9.99
GRABAromas! Now the popular Grabber XT’s
are available in four different scents! The
sense of smell is very effective in enhancing
taste! Great chew toy for oral motor needs
and skills.The material and colors are FDA
approved and contain no latex. You will
receive one of these: Vanilla, Chocolate,
Lemon, or Grape.

Scented Grabber-9.99
These planes make a great
sound, and the propellers
into it! Great for visual
Airplane Blow Toy-$3.99
Toddler Quiet Kit-$49.00
Toddler Quiet Kit with Picnic Basket-$69.00
Transparent Kaleidoscope. For a new

Blow into the pipe and see the ball rise.
Keep the ball floating on air until you
run out of breath. No noise with this toy!

Blow Pipe-$2.99
The Spiral Timer is an awesome liquid motion
toy! Turn it over and watch the little colorful
round they go -- it's surprisingly mesmerizing
and helps visual integration tracking.

Liquid Spiral-$7.99
easy to catch, hard to put down and
big on fun ! Their soft and silky feel
finger movements and motivation.
Mini Koosh Ball-$4.99
An incredible fidget. It just makes your fingers
together to twist and turn, move and groove.
These small, brightly, colored plastic toys will
quickly become a favorite. Textured Tangle Jr. is
small and adds bumps, ridges and grooves to the

Textured Tangle-$6.99
Wooly Willy is a classic magnetic toy.
Start with a blank face and use the
magnetic wand to move the metal
shavings around to create new
hairstyles for Willy.  Keep kids happy
Magnetic Play Board-$3.99
Kids love this new play clay! It's soft and
and designed to last. Completely
natural-nontoxic.  Each cup contains
5-1/2 oz. and is great for providing
Scented Play Clay-$5.99
A Jacob's ladder is a folk toy consisting of
blocks of wood held together by strings
one end, blocks appear to cascade down
the strings. However, this effect is a
visual illusion which is the result of one
block after another flipping over.

Jacob's Ladder-$4.99
Optional Inflatable 14" Balance Disc and Pump!
The balance disc has a nubbed surface on one side and a smooth finish on the
other. An inflatable, dynamic air cushion that mimics both the movement and
proprioception training as well as strengthening of the lower extremities. Bumps on
the surface provide a tactile experience for the child.

14" Balance Disc-$24.99
green frogs on a lime green lily pad a perpetual delight. Set up the
board according to the picture depicted on one of 40 challenge cards,
then "leap frog" all the green frogs until only the red frog remains.
Small, compact, perfect for travel, this game will keep children
endlessly entertained. Says ages 8+, but my son loved this at age 6.

Hoppers Frog Game-$12.99