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Connection Parenting (from Hand in Hand)

"Parenting by Connection is based on the following assumptions:

When children feel connected, they learn readily, love easily, and become true leaders among their peers.
A healthy parent-child connection enables a child to fully access his intelligence and ability.

When parents can connect with their children and with other parents, there's greater success at solving the
problems at the heart of family and community life and more enjoyment in the work of parenting.

When children’s behavior goes “off track” they are usually making a plea for closeness, connection and
understanding. Children's ability to overcome difficulties is strengthened when parents use the tools of
Special Time, Playlistening, Setting Limits and Staylistening to reconnect with their children. Once a
child feels connected again, he is able to make thoughtful decisions and learn from his experience.

When emotional stress sends parents' behavior "off track," they need the support of a listener who
appreciates how hard they try, and how much they want things to be better. Parents need safety to offload
the feelings that interfere with their ability to guide their children with love and to reconnect with them in
a thoughtful way."

Hand in Hand Parenting-A wonderful organization here in the California Bay Area that supports
Connection Parenting.  They also have a fabulous library of articles that help with everyday parenting
Hand in Hand Articles.

Positive Parenting-in Santa Cruz provides local support and classes for parents.

Such a small word with so many meanings.  What is a family?