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Toys, Products, and Ideas
for Sensory Education
I recently listened to a tape series from Dr. Wayne Dyer, called "The Power of Intention", and was both
amazed and intrigued. He spoke of the different energies around us.  While I wholeheartedly acknowledge
that everything in our universe is made of energy, it had somehow never occurred to me how the different
energies of things would affect me and my family.  I mean, we all know how it feels to be around someone
with "low" or "bad" energy.  They are draining and unpleasant.  They usually try to drag you down as
opposed to someone with "high" or "good" energy who leaves you feeling stimulated, happy, and hopeful.  
But have you ever thought about the energy of the
things around you?  Your furniture, food, clothing, and
your children's toys even have energy.  What do you think the difference is between a plastic, synthetic toy
and a wooden or natural cotton toy?  How would the energy of those different toys affect your kids?  Which
would they feel more creative, happy, and inspired with?  When I heard Dr. Dyer speaking about Feng Shui
and surrounding yourself with food, clothing, furniture, and toys that have positive, healthy, high energies,
I realized why people are automatically drawn to wooden and natural toys.  They feel better, not only
physically feel better, but their energy affects how you feel emotionally too.  They are made from live
materials and they are all unique.  

Since that time, I've slowly weeded out many plastic, battery operated toys from my kids rooms.  Usually
while they were at school or a friend's house!  Honestly, they've never missed a single one.  Like most kids,
they have WAY too many toys anyway, so this was a great chance to get rid of the clutter and low energy at
the same time.  I am amazed at how long the toys they are left with occupy them!  They used to play with
each toy for less than 5 minutes and then they'd be on to something else, always searching for something
to satisfy them.  But now, they make forts, they play house, they build, they dress up, they race cars, they
use their imaginations, and they play
together more than before.  I'll admit there are still some old favorites
like Legos and Little People, but I believe in balance and we're working on it!  See our
Back to Basics page.

Another thing we've done is to create online "wish lists" which are available on many of these natural toy
websites below.  It's the perfect way to let your friends and family know what kinds of toys you prefer and it
avoids a trip to the Goodwill where you donate all the new toys your kids got at Christmas that you really
don't want.  Consider suggesting a donation instead of toys also.  It would send a message to your kids that
"stuff" is not what it's all about.  Also see our
Attachment Parenting page for more natural parenting choices.
Here are some quotes I've found on natural and wooden toys that I love:

"Wood has amazing characteristics which can be felt when placed in the hand, closing your eyes and just
focusing on the piece of wood. If you then try it with a piece of plastic you will find a different response
happens. This little exercise will show you why wood is a better material for your child to play with, it
nurtures the soul of the child."

"Wood is natural and regenerative; it has its own unique texture and grain.  Each wood has a different
sound, shade and weight, it even has its own temperature."

"A wooden rattle comes from nature, from a living thing, and it has a depth to it that synthetic counterparts
cannot match. It is warmer, has more texture, and each piece is unique. Children can sense this difference
as they touch and manipulate the toy."

"Toys that are not detailed encourage active participation on the part of the child. The child has to use her
imagination to “complete” the toy. This also encourages creativity and gives the child an opportunity to
make believe endless possibilities. In addition, there is some evidence these types of play materials develop
out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving skills."
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