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for Sensory Education
An extremely important part of living life with a sensory child (or any child!) is emotions.  Theirs and ours!
It is most often the one thing that prevents us from dealing with a situation the way we really want to and
know we should.  I, like many of you, would watch my children sleeping after an especially difficult day
and cry, silently telling them how sorry I was for not being more gentle with them, for not taking the time to
listen and help them through a particular struggle the way I knew I should.  I would vow to do better
tomorrow.  And yet, the screaming power struggles continued as I attempted to "control" my wonderfully
willful children.  I had read all the right
books regarding discipline, attended parenting classes, and had
months of counseling with my son, but when push came to shove, in the heat of the moment I often was not
emotionally equipped to deal with the intensity of the situation and was unable to make good choices or be
a good emotional role model for my kids.  

Then I came across a course that freed me.  I listened to the tape series daily even if only for 5-10 minutes
a day until I had finished all 10 tapes.  The relief that I felt from just the first 20 minutes of the first tape was
incredible.  I was able to release negativity that I had been holding for many years and I walked around on
a cloud for a week.  Then I attended the live 3-day course and was truly exhilarated.  For me, this was the
emotional guidance that I needed to help me let go of wanting to control my children, of wanting to change
them, and of wanting approval from other parents and peers.  Check it out for yourself and find some peace
The Abundance Course.  

After that initial breakthrough, I discovered many other options and really began looking into how my
behavior was affecting each situation with my children.  I began to take responsibility where I needed to
and to not blame myself when it wasn't something I could control.  I began to enjoy my children in the way
that I had when they were young and first learning to roll over, walk, and talk.  I learned to be in the "now"
with them and to not over-react. I began to
simplify my life, both our activities and our "stuff" and our family
felt more calm and centered. We spent more time outdoors in
nature doing things together. My children
began to see the difference between needs and wants.

Your children know how you are feeling.  They "feel" your anger and frustration, as well as your
acceptance and love.  Which is more productive and healthy for you and them?  Which will achieve better
and more harmonious results?  See our
Books page for lots of inspirational guidance and spiritual
parenting books.  There are a variety of ways to relax and to get centered.  We expect our children to be
focused and not to lose control, yet many times, we ourselves are lacking in this area.  To be a good role
model for your children, you need to show them how to deal with their emotions and frustrations by doing
a good job of it yourself.  Whether you choose yoga, meditation, exercise, or releasing, give your kids an
emotionally stable parent and a healthy role model.  See our
Spiritual Parenting page and Attachment
Parenting pages for more tips.  Also, social networks are a great resource for connecting with other moms.  
Sometimes just being heard can help and being able to help someone else makes us feel more peaceful.  
Stress Relief for parents.

Often emotional and behavioral problems are passed down.  If your child is exhibiting emotional problems,
Therapeutic Resources for educational products to assist in life skills and personal development. Also,
see our
Links Page for local therapists and counselors.                 

Bach Flower Essences
Children respond quickly to The Bach Flower Essences.  Parents are often amazed by the positive effect the
Essences have on their children; screaming children find sudden relief, shy and fearful children find
courage, impatient and angry children find peace.  The Bach Flower Essences are 100% safe and natural
for children.  Dosage for children and adults are the same.  We recommend the book
Growing up with the
Bach Flower Remedies.

Rescue Remedy: A combination of 5 Bach Flower Essences: Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star and
Bethlehem & Cherry Plum. In combination they are extremely helpful to have handy for all childhood
situations; such as, tantrums, dealing with stressful situations, birth trauma, first day of school.

Rescue Remedy Cream: Includes 6 Bach Flower Essences: Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star and  
Bethlehem, Cherry Plum & Crab Apple. Excellent to apply on bruises, diaper rash, rash, burns, cuts, and
scratches, ringworm, insect bites etc.

Aspen: This Essence helps children deal with unknown fears such as nightmares and feeling anxious.

Centaury: This Essence helps children who allow other children to boss them. They have a hard time
saying "no" and are often anxious to please, they give in to others out of subservience rather than willing
co-operation. Centaury helps them to express and defend their own opinions.

Chicory: This Essence helps children who make constant and unreasonable demands for attention.

Cherry Plum: This Essence helps children who have screaming fits and tantrums. (Present in Rescue

Chestnut Bud: This Essence is useful for children who are slow learners at home or at school, due to
repeated behavior patterns.

Clematis: This Essence helps children who are dreamy, forgetful and live in their own little world. (Present
in Rescue Remedy)

Gentian: This Essence helps children who feel discouraged by setbacks, for example in school.

Holly: This Essence helps children when they are jealous of new siblings. Holly is the Essence that replaces
hate, envy and jealousy with love.

Impatiens: For the great speed at which these children move and talk. They get easily bored and are
annoyed if unable to do something quickly enough. They are excitable and restless children and run
around at top speed. At school they are quick minded and are often the first to put up their hand in class,
bouncing up and down in their seat eager to demonstrate or provide answer. (Present in Rescue Remedy)

Mimulus: This Essence helps children who are fearful and shy. The fear is known, such as, fear of going to
sleep in the dark,  being alone, dogs and starting school etc. Especially good for separation anxiety.

Pine: For the child who feel guilt and responsibility, even when it is not their fault.

Rock Rose: This Essence helps in severe cases of night terror. (Present in Rescue Remedy)

Star of Bethlehem: This Essence helps children deal with trauma, such as, birth trauma or loss of a person
close to them. (Present in Rescue Remedy)

Vine: This Essence is for those children who constantly dominate and bully other children. They believe
that they right and others are supposed to follow their every order. Vine helps them see the good in others
and encourage and guide without controlling.

Vervain: For tension, eagerness and excitement. These children tend to get over-excited, due to eagerness
and enthusiasm rather than impatience. They are great, convincing talkers.

Walnut: This Essence helps children in periods of change such as teething, puberty, new school, new
sibling and other situations of change.

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