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A form of psychotherapy, dance/movement therapy is "the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process
which furthers the emotional and physical integration of the individual."  During sessions, clients work
through different movement dynamics and explore expanding their personal range of motion. Clients come
to movement therapy for many reasons including stress reduction, developmental issues, sensory
integration needs, relief from chronic pain, healing after trauma, special needs and general exploration of
personal issues.  Exposure to dance and movement begins in infancy. Little arms and legs are moved in
time with music; a toddler enjoys bouncing to a happy tune and, of course, we know how much teenagers
love to dance. This basic expression of emotion continues throughout life and does not have to diminish
with age.  Movement therapy refers to a broad range of Eastern and Western movement approaches used to
promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Occasionally people become "out of sync" between their bodies and their emotional selves. Dance and
Movement therapy helps to restore that "rhythm," that connection.  Through moving, we learn about our
bodies, the space around us and each other. Creative movement activities encourage all children to
participate.  All ages, including children with communication, sensory, developmental or physical
challenges can benefit with a safe play space for movement activities, including mats on the floor, if

Movement is fundamental to human life. In fact movement is life. Contemporary physics tells us that the
universe and everything in it is in constant motion. We can move our body and at the most basic level our
body is movement. According to the somatic educator Thomas Hanna, "The living body is a moving body--
indeed, it is a constantly moving body." The poet and philosopher Alan Watts eloquently states a similar
view, "A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event, like a flame or a whirlpool." Centuries earlier,
the great Western philosopher Socrates understood what modern physics has proven, "The universe is
motion and nothing else."

Since the beginning of time, indigenous societies around the world have used movement and dance for
individual and community healing. Movement and song were used for personal healing, to create
community, to ensure successful crops, and to promote fertility. Movement is still an essential part of many
healing traditions and practices throughout the world.

Voted in Metro Goldie’s BEST OF SANTA CRUZ 2007: Best Dance Company, Best Children’s Program and
Best Teacher- Joy Smith,-
Santa Cruz Dance Company

Santa Cruz County Dancenter, Capitola, CA has classes for all ages including ballet, tap, jazz, and yoga

Motion Pacific in Santa Cruz has a new location in the downtown Arts Center.
Dance & Movement Therapy