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Toys, Products, and Ideas
for Sensory Education
Have you ever thought about childhood? About your childhood, your child's childhood, or your parent's
childhood?  Have you thought about what that word means?  What should it include?  What doesn't
belong?  What should every child be able to have, see, do, and experience?  How does the most precious
and vulnerable time of our lives start and prepare us for the journey we have ahead?  What do we remember
most? Is it the lessons we were taught or the people that spent time with us?

How can we as adults contribute in a positive and meaningful way to the children whose lives we touch?  
How many of us remember that one teacher who believed in us?  Or the mom of our friend who really
nurtured us and made us feel loved and appreciated?  Or that older sibling, aunt, or uncle who took the
time to sit and listen to us?  Those people that touched our lives stay in our hearts and the lessons they
teach become a part of us.  Anyone can be one of those memorable people in a child's life.  Anyone can
change the future of a child.  For better or for worse.

The beautiful work below can be seen in it's entirety
here at The Alliance for Childhood website which
advocates for children’s health and well-being, especially the restoration of creative play to children’s lives.

Alliance for Childhood Partners working together for healthy childhood.  This website advocates for
children’s health and well-being, especially the restoration of creative
play and recess to children’s lives.

Hooked on Nature based in San Jose which works nationally to inspire adults to help children develop a
loving relationship with the Earth.  Also see our
Nature Page for ideas to get you and your kids outside!

Bay Area Early Childhood Funders, a collaborative of foundations and public funders committed to
preserving play and experiential learning in preschool education.

Childhood Matters, a weekly radio program broadcast from San Francisco to parents on a wide range of
parenting and education topics including play-based learning.

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a national coalition of health care professionals, educators,
advocacy groups, parents, and individuals who care about children and strive to reclaim childhood from
corporate marketers.

See our
Screen Time page for more information on commercialism and children.
Childhood is a time to be loved and to love,
to express fear and to learn trust,
and to celebrate with laughter and joy.

Children have the right to dream, and to grow at their own pace.
They have the right to make mistakes
and the right to be forgiven.

Children need people to respect,
adults whose example and loving authority they follow.
They need a range of experience ~ tenderness and kindness,
boldness and courage, even mischief and misbehavior.

Children need a loving relationship with the earth~
with animals and with nature,
with families and community.