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other.  This electrical activity in the brain is what is referred to as brainwaves. There are different
brainwave patterns depending on what the person is doing and or feeling at that moment.  With the
discovery of brainwaves came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain will change depending on
what the person is doing. For instance, the brain waves of someone who is soundly asleep is vastly different
from the brainwaves of someone who is wide awake.

The highest brainwave pattern is called the
Beta Brainwave Pattern. This is the state we are in for most of
our normal waking day. Usually, this state by itself is uneventful, but don’t underestimate its importance.
Many people lack sufficient Beta Activity, which can cause mental and emotional disorders such as
depression, ADD and insomnia.  Stimulating Beta Activity can improve emotional stability, energy levels,
attentiveness, concentration and in some cases even increase your IQ.

If we relax a bit, then we go into an
Alpha Brainwave Pattern. In this brainwave pattern the person is in a
very relaxed but also a very focused state of mind. Concentration is easy to achieve in this state.  The Alpha
state is also known as the Super learning state. The mind takes in information faster and retains it for
longer than in any other state. Brainwave entrainment technology actually improves your memory.  In one
study, test scores were not only higher than normal, but were accomplished in less than half the time
…while recall improved 26% overall.

Even slower than Alpha brainwaves are
Theta Brainwaves. These are produced during the dreaming state of
sleep but is also associated with an ‘a-ha’ experience, increased memory capacity and integrative
experiences. Integrative experiences are times when we make positive changes in the way we see
ourselves, others and certain life situations.  Theta is also the brainwave pattern of enhanced creativity.
This was the brainwave state in which Thomas Edison’s greatest ideas came to him.  Theta is also the state
of tremendous stress relief. In this slower brainwave pattern, the brain releases endorphins – which help
your body to relax and to melt away stress.  It is in this brainwave pattern that the critical and often self-
sabotaging filters of the conscious brain are bypassed.  You can use this highly receptive state of mind to
literally re-program your mind – to get rid of bad habits/beliefs.

The slowest of all brainwave patterns is the
Delta brainwave pattern that occurs during deep dreamless
sleep. This is also the state of a deep almost ‘trance-like’ state in which both hemispheres of the brain can
work in balance.

In a hyperactive child with or without ADD, the beta brainwave pattern is lower than it should be. The
frontal lobe of the brain is also less active than it should be and the left and right hemispheres don't
synchronize the way they should.  In addition, glucose isn't metabolized as effectively.

This means that your child is hyperactive, has difficulty concentrating and focusing on the task at hand
because that's the way his/her brain is wired. That's why punishment, lectures, threats and telling your
child to try harder don't work.