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Art therapy, sometimes called creative arts therapy or expressive arts therapy, encourages people to express
and understand emotions through artistic expression and through the creative process.

Art Therapy is available for those who are experiencing developmental and communication disorders
including autism, grief and loss issues including divorce or the death of a parent, sibling or friend, trauma
and anxiety from neglect, sexual or physical abuse or a serious medical condition.  The practice welcomes
children with special needs, children at risk and adults who specifically want to work with an art therapist.

Art Therapy allows for emotional expression and healing through non-verbal means.  It enables the child to
break through barriers to self-expression using simple art materials and invites a child to enter into an
authentic relationship with themselves, their environment, and their culture.  Art fosters the use of both
sides of the brain and provides a safe environment for self-discovery, therapeutic reflection, and

  • Provides empowerment and self-confidence
  • Heals child's negative sense of self in a non-verbal manner
  • Enhances the creative flow that all individuals have innately
  • Fosters the use of both sides of the brain through using the right side primarily during nonverbal art expression
    and initiates the use of the left side during verbal processing and writing
  • Increases awareness of self and others
  • Creates a safe environment for self exploration and discovery
  • Build on personal strengths and experience success
  • Improve overall creativity
  • Improve visual-spatial processing and eye-hand coordination
  • Enhance decision-making ability and autonomy
  • Increase fine motor skills
  • Improve tactile processing  

See the positive results of art therapy with a 5 year old boy in this pdf report.

Heartpaperscissors.com has a wonderful program for parents and professionals that is easy to follow and
available on their website.

Art Classes for kids all over California (including one in Scotts Valley)

Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, in Ben Lomond, CA

Seven Directions Children's Art Institute, in the Old Sash Mill of Santa Cruz, CA

Mariposa’s Art in Santa Cruz has a wonderful program for "at risk" youths
Art Therapy
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